Best food from home in Seattle

A recent reddit /r/Seattle thread asked all foreigners for their favorite restaurants of their home countries food. Here is the summary, based on number of upvotes:

German: Heidelberghaus (They even have “Spaghetti Ice”), Bavarian Meats in the pike place market.

Nepal: Annapurna Cafe

Puerto Rico: La Isla in Ballard/Redmond

Vietnam: Vietnam House, Huong Binh for their thit nuong, Pho So 1 for their bun bo hue

Indian: Kanishka in Redmond (Don’t miss their lunch buffets), South India: Chilli’s in U District

Denmark: Scandinavian Specialties (smørrebrød for lunch), Nielsen’s Pastries (dessert)

Mexico: el camion a food truck parked by centurylink stadium

Cuba: Casa de Mojito on Lake City Way

Taiwan: Rocking Wok in Wallingford

China: Fu Man Dumpling

Hawaii: Kauai Family Restaurant (smoked pork, and tripe stew), Saimin Says in Kent (shoyu chicken/mix plate is just like home)

Russian: Vostok Dumpling House (pelmeni and bread); Piroshki on 3rd (piroshki and borsch)

Japanese: Koharu in Federal Way

Mexic: La Conasupo in Greenwood (barbacoa on weekends, also great carnitas and quesadillas)
Señor Moose Café in Ballard, La Carta de Oaxaca in Ballard, Mezclaría Oaxaca in Queen Anne, Acá las tortas in Bothel (tortas, also flautas and quesadillas), El taco maestro in Renton (best tacos around)

Philippines: Isla Manila in Shoreline, Seafood City in Renton (chicharon bulaklak and crispy pata)

Peruvia: San Fernando’s Roasted Chicken on Ranier Ave

Poland: Polski Dom

American but I live in China and have a Chinese wife… Chinese visitors to Bellevue really like Top Gun

Korea: New Seoul Restaurant on 99

Brazil: Novilhos in Factoria or South Lake Union.