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Mastering the Pan

For Christmas my wife picked a cooking class for me: Mastering the Pan at the West Seattle PCC.

It was a fun class and I learned a bunch of new things that I will just list here randomly:

Pan buying guide: get a stainless steel, heavy and with a riveted handle, not a stamped on bottom, almost never non-stick

“Grieving stages of oil” (how to tell if your pan has the right temperature by the Canola oil)

  1. Low heat: Oil changes viscosity
  2. Medium Low heat: light smell oil canola
  3. Medium heat: light shimmer
  4. Medium high heat: legs in the middle
  5. High heat: smoke in middle of the pan РThis is where you saut̩!

Or with Butter:

  1. Low melts
  2. Med low foam
  3. Medium just turns color 300F – This where you fry your egg

Dust meat with flour or breadcrumbs for easy saut̩ing (will get away the moisture Рgood for beginners).

Always brine chicken (all poultry really) and pork. Made a huge difference. We tried some brined chicken that had been way overcooked to 185F and it still was tender and juicy!

Crab or Quinoa cakes falling apart? Put in freezer for 15 min after drying and they will firm up.

That’s all I remembered for now. I will publish any of the recipes after I tried them myself ;)

PCC Cooking Class