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Pretzel Bagels from Trader Joes

Ever since Morning Star bakery stopped supplying everyone with somewhat authentic German Pretzels I have been on the lookout for a new source in Seattle. There has been a lot of disappointment in this search. Bakery Nouveau made some Pretzels, Costco added Pretzel rolls, Trader Joe’s added a single Pretzel Stick, but all of them were loaded with sugar and no good in my book.

Not everyone is up for making their own authentic German Pretzels – it’s a lot of work and takes specialized ingredients, but I think the effort is totally worth it every now and then :)

So, I was very surprised to find Trader Joe’s added another Pretzel product to their baked goods section. I was even more surprised that it didn’t contain a ton of sugar. And I was actually quite happy with the taste and texture. They are not like real Pretzels (lacking the crispy part) and more like Pretzel Rolls. I can ignore the bagel hole ;)

I did toast them and they were good with savory toppings like liver pate, or cheese, or just plain butter. Or another one of my TJ’s favorites, German Prosciutto (Schinken).

So, please buy these Pretzel Bagels, they are great:
Pretzel Bagel from Trader Joes

But don’t buy these: