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That is just mean, Tom Douglas

Coming into work into the morning, I smelled something delicious. I went around the corner and looked at this beauty, at 9 AM.

I sometimes take interview candidates to Trattoria Cuoco. The food is pretty good, but their grilling always looks and smells phenomenal – even early in the morning. Sometimes they do this rotisserie style, sometimes they break out their Big Green Egg, which causes even more serious envy ;)

Naanz Kitchen + Bar on Republican & Pontius Ave

I wasn’t a fan. They try to be the Chipotle of Indian food. They even sold their daal as being like refried beans, but the prices were not Chipotle.

I guess phrases like “Indian-inspired food” and “naanwiches” should have been warning signs for me …

If you make the meat separately from the sauce it is not going to taste as good. I had lamb + vindaloo on a rice bowl. Both meat and sauce were so-so. My friend had his naan sandwich with chicken tikka and felt similarly.

I payed $12 and was still hungry afterwards.

The Spice on Curve food cart on Republican has better Indian food at better prices. The buffet at Royal Palace on Fairview tastes better as well.

Osteria Rigoletto for lunch

We went to Osteria Rigoletto on a Friday for lunch with a group of 15. We came unannounced, because Lunchbox Lab had lost our reservation and there were only 4 other guests, so they were able to seat us right away.

I ordered the Minestrone, which was way too hot: At least 80F, so I burned my mouth and had to wait 10 min before I could start eating it, but it tasted pretty good. The vegetable soup didn’t have pasta, which I usually like, but a good helping of parmesan.
One thing that I found pretty weird, when I asked them for a to-go-container for the rest of my soup, this is how they packaged it…
Minestrone to go!
…soup in tinfoil?!?

I also ordered the cappellini con calamari e pomodori for $10 from the lunch menu. The pasta was al dente and had plenty of sea food in it. Could have used a little salt and pepper, but there wasn’t any on the table and I never saw our server until I was done.

For the large group we were, service was ok and nobody had to wait for too long. Gratuity was included in the bill. I really liked the industrial design of the place and will likely come back. Sometimes it is hard to find a lunch place in SLU that isn’t super crowded yet. The owner also has the Bakery La Toscanella on Westlake.